Want Tourist Visa for Europe from India? Some Useful Info for You!

Europe is a nice place to explore and visit. Dotted with numerous small but rich and powerful global economies, such as France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, etc., a visit to Europe opens up endless world of business and investment possibilities even while side-by-side you get to enjoy first-rate infrastructure, superlative healthcare facilities. Tourist Visa for Europe from India will open the doors to Europe for you and help you dive into the ocean of opportunities called Europe.

The interesting thing is that many Indians have already figured the importance of Europe and what it can do for the growth of their business and professional careers, and of course, their life. That close to 7 million visitors from India made a trip to Europe in 2016 to emerge as the 6th biggest visitors to Europe proves this assertion. As per some experts and those in the know, that figure is likely to jump up to 15 million in 2020.

It goes without saying that Europe is a hot overseas immigration destination for the international visitors, especially those from India, and with a significant chunk of us getting swayed by the splendor of our movies portraying striking and breathtaking European locations, the requirement for Schengen Visa for the ones having Indian passports is likely to anything but head south.

To get this prized visa that facilitates your entry to as many as 26 member nations of the Schengen Zone, you need to apply for a Schengen Visa and get it. To successfully obtain this amazing Tourist Visa for Europe from India, you require presenting some documents and also meeting some requirements, and of course, depositing the mandatory visa fees.

Tourist Visa for Europe from India

Key Documents Required

You need to present these important documents to get a Schengen short-stay Visa, which in your specific case will be the Tourist Visa for Europe from India:

  1. Suitably filled Schengen Visa application form.
  2. Passport with not less than 2 blank pages for stamping and legally valid for a minimum period of 3 months. In case you possess an old passport, then even that requires to be put forward along with the petition.
  3. Two photographs according to the conditions stated for the visa petition.
  4. Personal Covering letter elucidating fully the object of your trip. This needs to elucidate comprehensively your whole travel programme.
  5. A medical insurance with a cover of not less than EUR 30,000.

You need to submit your documents at any of the 9 VFS centers of India. You can submit your application along with the various supporting documents at the embassy of the concerned nation as well. The key nation for you will be the one where in you are likely to spend the maximum number of days. If you are confused about the period, then the primary nation for you will be the one that will be your first halt, right?

So, this, in brief, is the visa application process for the Tourist Visa for Europe from India.

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