Washington DC Announces Easier Visa Arrangements for Visitors

Available reports suggest that, to increase tourism and create jobs across the nations, the US President Obama recently disclosed that the doors of the country is wide open for business even while he talked, in detail, about a new method the nation is mulling over to make it much easier for the travelers from certain specific nations to travel across to the nation.

He disclosed that the key object of the US immigration is to cut down on the duration it takes for the visitors from the nations of China and Brazil to get visas to the country. Washington DC would also cut down on the requirement for the passport holders of Taiwan to acquire visas to visit the nation. Presently, citizens of as many as 36 nations — such as Australia, the UK, not to mention New Zealand – get visa-free travel to the nation.

Reportedly, the tourism and business domains of the US have repeatedly been requesting the Immigration Department of the nation to make visa restrictions much easier, with a view to creating more jobs and also boost tourism across the country. Over 1 million US jobs may be created in the next decade, provided the nation augments its share of the global travel market, believes the White House.

In particular, Obama has asked the US Immigration to add to the number of the visas issued to China and Brazil, by as much as 40%, during 2012. Besides, with a view to re-structure all visa applications, the President added that he wanted to make certain that, inside three weeks, the consular staff of the nation interview nearly 80% of non-immigrant visa applicants who turn up from overseas nations.

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