What Are Major Benefits of Express Entry 2015?

Are you the person with a dream in the head and a fire in the belly, looking forward to moving to Canada? Well, if you are someone who belongs to this category, in that case, you have a chance! All those hassles and painful procedures that you went through are going to be some of the dark and ignominious chapters in the history of Canadian immigration. With the official launch and starting of the Express Entry Program from this January now it is hoped things would improve a lot.

Often it was heard that some aspirants got almost infuriated by the complexities of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). They literally gave it off when came to immigration on account of those complexities. So, don’t worry anymore, in order to curb such inconveniences and hassles, the Canadian immigration has launched this new program to facilitate quick movement to this country.

Therefore, if you had any second thoughts regarding immigration, in that case, you must go through this piece. Maybe, you will have a different opinion regarding the immigration norms that are prevalent now in the Maple Leaf Country.

Benefits of Express Entry 2015

Let’s take a quick overlook at how things have changed and what are the benefits of Express Entry 2015 that you can claim from this New Year.

  1. This program has reduced undue competition that almost made immigration a hard ball game. As this system follows the skilled personnel for immigration, even for application there is a small test conducted inquiring about all the details that you carry. Once you fail that application and registration test, you are nowhere in the list when it comes to migration. Hence, the days when first-come-first-serve was given leverage are long gone. Now more importance would be given to skills and expertise. Hence, under this unprecedented program, it is evident that more and more skilled movement will take place.
  2. The next important benefit that this program can reap is faster processing time. You won’t have to wait for a full year to figure-out whether your application is worth acceptance and approval. Six months are all you need to find every heck of details. Considering this benefit, it is certain that Express Entry Program will witness new line of immigration.
  3. The benefits of Express Entry 2015 program is since the employers will have unrestricted access to the applicants profile, in that case, once the employer finds out that the person is right person for them, then they would even grant them Permanent Residence (PR). So, once the individual lands in the country after getting through under the Skilled Occupation Category, he can apply for PR, and it will not take more than 60 days to get this application processed and approved, if everything is fine regarding the application.
  4. As per the immigration authorities in Canada, it is much anticipated hypothesis that under this new program, new benefits will accrue to the economy making it grow very fast and live up to the demand of the competition globally.
  5. Another advantage that Express Entry offers for Canada is that this country will be able to choose the best candidates for movement rather than those that have just got the chance as they were standing in front in the queue.

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