What Denmark Immigration Positive List Is?

Has Denmark always fascinated you from the beginning? Well, reckoning its clout in the growth, standard of living, and the people living in this beautiful country, there, perhaps, no one can resist the charm of Denmark Immigration. It would not be naïve to say that this country is witnessing a flood of movement from different sections of the world.

Being a small yet thriving country, the demand for growth and development has spiked with the passage of each day. It is on account of these requirements that this beautiful Northern European Country has opened new realms in its immigration history by introducing the positive list.

Now, one may ask what this ‘positive list’ is. Well, this list caters to those professions and jobs that are at the highest demand in the Nordic Nation. Denmark immigration positive list facilitates overseas movement cutting across those parameters where the economy needs such professionals, for growth and development.

If the aspirant is from European Union (EU), then he enjoys leverage over other applicants, as Danish immigration laws allows him to study, work and reside in the country without spending a single dime. There are some criteria that need to be satiated in the first place, for ensuring that the movement takes places in the best way.

Key Requirements for Immigration to Denmark

If you are applying for Denmark immigration under positive list then you must ensure:

  1. The job under which you have applied for movement is mentioned in the ‘positive list’. Basically, the demand for electrical, chemical, marine, IT and production engineers are more across the country. At the same time, skilled doctors, dentists and specialists are also sought for in the movement. Given this–if you are from any of these professions–you get a green signal for facilitating your movement.
  2. Positive list also considers a job offer and complete documentation. So, you cannot just land up in the country and seek jobs; rather, you must be sponsored by any employer based in the nation for facilitating your movement.
  3. There are also instances where exploitation has taken place, and if you speak about corruption in the nation, then it is almost nil. To ensure that it stays like that forever, the concerned immigration & visa authorities will ensure that your salary that you are being offered by the employer matches with the standards set by the country. If that is not happening, then you cannot move to this country.
  4. Each job requires a minimum qualification level for facilitating the movement, so you must make certain in the first place that you are adhering to them for facilitating the movement.

Under the positive list, there are certain things that you must always keep at the back of your head. You should renew your passport before three months of its expiration date. If you are doing that, then you will not face the event of deportation.

At the same time–if you are being given contractual job for six months—you get 6 months extension. In this period of time, once you get a permanent, job under the ‘positive list’, you can present an application for residential permit on the first day of the job.

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