What Documents You Require Presenting for Canada PR After Getting ITA?

Canada is one of the topmost destinations to move to with a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV). To receive Canada PR and before that an Invitation to Apply (ITA), through Express Entry, and as a skilled worker, you require submitting your Expression of Interest (EoI) to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

After you get the invitation, you become entitled to apply for the Canadian PR and in just six months or so get the prized visa; of course, if everything goes well, and as per the script.

Now the question that surfaces is what documents to offer for Canadian PR after you get your ITA?

These are the key documents that you require submitting after getting your ITA for Canada PR:

  1. Passports/Travel Documents

In case you possess a passport, offer a copy of: the page that shows your date of birth and also the nation of origin, and any pages with either of these, namely, stamps, visas or markings.

In case you do not have one, and as per law you need using another travel document, ensure that the document that your offer has been provided by a administration, and take in your name, date of birth, document number, citizenship or residency standing, photo, and the date of expiry (in case applicable).

  1. Evidence of Medical Examination

Get the information printout sheet or the IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form from your medical practitioner when you successfully conclude your medical exam and then provide it.

In case you are unable to get a medical prior to the deadline to submit your work permit application, prove that you have a programmed an appointment. Offer a proof for it.

  1. Education

Offer evidence that you have successfully finished your post-secondary education. You can offer a diploma and/or degree. Get the Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) done even while your overall level of education ought to be as per the ECA.

  1. Employment Records

Provide evidence of the employment experience for your present job and also for every of the preceding position you may have listed. Do not forget to include a reference letter from your job-provider/employer and pay stubs, in case you possess them.

  1. Police Certificates

Provide a police certificate for every specific nation, region or territory, barring the Maple Leaf Country, in which you may have spent half-a-year or above. A police certificate is nothing but a copy of your criminal background, or an official statement of the nonexistence of any criminal record.

Canada PR Documents Require

Police certificates are different in every nation and territory and may be known as police clearance certificates, judicial record extracts, good behavior certificates, among others. While either police authorities or government departments provide these, the IRCC utilizes these to decide if a person can be allowed entry to the Maple Leaf Country.

Since some nations are not known to issue a police certificate, or offer the certificate directly, if you are from one such nation, offer a letter of clarification, in place of a police certificate.

  1. Evidence of Means of Financial Support

In case you are applying for Canada PR, offer an official letter issued by your financial establishment demonstrating your financial profile. It must: mention each and every of all your bank and investment accounts, the account numbers, dates on every account was opened and also the balance of every account over the previous six months; every outstanding arrear/liability; and be printed on the letterhead of the financial establishment.

  1. Digital Photograph

Offer you photograph with these specifications:

The size must not be less than 35mm x 45mm.

Your photograph must clearly reveal a full front view of the head and tops of shoulders, with your face right in the middle of the snap.

The size of the head, right from chin to crown, must be from 31mm and 36mm.

Since digital dimensions are frequently articulated in pixels or DPI (dots per inch), ensure that the physical proportions in the pixels are not less than 420 x 540.

Needless to say, contact an experienced and trustworthy Canada Immigration Consultant for any help and guidance on the subject.

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