What Fuels Singapore Immigration from India?

The Gateway for Asian nations, Singapore is an Island nation and located in such a way that it’s at a tolerable distance from most of the countries of Asia. A Southeast Asian city-state, it is a key regional centre for financial services. Interestingly, entire Singapore is highly urbanized.

Factors boosting immigration from India

Of late, Singapore — declared the best city to live in for the expatriates from Asia — has been fueling immigration from India on a rather large scale. There are several reasons behind this fascination amongst the Indian migrants.

To begin with, the Parliamentary Republic of Singapore has a highly stable economy. At a time when the economies of even many of the so-called big nations are not very stable, the condition of this country on this front is something to talk about.

It also has an extremely low system of taxation — both for personal and corporate purposes. And this makes the affected migrants a cheerful lot. They get a chance to use the saved money on other vital things, and for other important purposes.

Singapore, which is one of the commercial & business hotspots of Asia, also boasts of a friendly investment regime and has no strong opposition to unnecessarily oppose the many economic and financial policies of the government. This enables the government of the country to go the extra mile, without any reservations whatsoever, to cover the special needs of the migrants keen on doing business in the nation.

It also boasts of an excellent infrastructure that inspires the migrants from this part of the world (India) no end. Its transport system is also something which much attracts the migrants. The transport system is cheap but of a high quality. The mass rapid transit/buses/cabs/taxis of the country come as a blessing for the Indian migrants. They get a lot of relief when they do not have to spend much money for commuting purposes in this country.

Singapore also has one of the most organized systems of education in the whole world. And this makes it a paradise of sorts for those keen on getting quality education on foreign shores. The icing on the cake is that the nation also has a nice and pleasant climate. It is neither very cold nor very hot out there, and for people from India used to extreme variations in temperature, this surely comes as a big relief.

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