What is the average salary in Canada in 2022

What is the average salary in Canada in 2022?

Do you know salaries will rise high in Canada in 2022? The tight labor market conditions and the shortages of skilled workers caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have urged employers to offer higher wages as the war of talent spurs across many sectors. The average salary in Canada will accelerate this year for qualified professionals searching for job opportunities in Canada.

According to a survey by Normandin Beaudry and LifeWorks. Employers in Canada project an average annual pay increase of 2.5 percent in 2022. The survey suggests that wholesale trade, manufacturing, construction, food service, and information technology industries may experience at least 3% increase in the average pay.

The survey hints at a more positive economic outcome than 2021 projections when Canadian employers project a 1.9% increase in the average salary. But, there is a catch. The salary projections cannot align with Canada’s rising inflation, leaving workers with less spending power despite salary hikes.

Considering the labor market conditions amid the pandemic, it is the right time to apply for a Canada PR visa and immigrate there. Many Canadian employees are looking for skilled workers across several sectors. You could be the next one. Plus, you will get a job offer with an increased rate, which will again work in your favor.

At present, the average salary in Canada for skilled workers ranges from CAD 54,600 to CAD 105,000. It’s worth noting that how much you earn in Canada depends a lot on your job location, level of experience, skills, and province.

Salary hikes as per your education

  • As a skilled foreign worker, you may get a 17% hike in your salary if you hold a High School degree or a Certificate or Diploma course.
  • A person with a bachelor’s degree may get 24% raise.
  • A 29% rise for a master’s degree holder
  • And a 23% rise for Ph.D. holders.

The highest paying jobs in Canada

If you plan to apply for a Canada PR visa, you must know how much you can earn in a specific province. The information below will help you make your final decision while filing your PR visa application.

Name of the Province Average Salary (Annually)
British Columbia




Prince Edward Island


Nova Scotia

33,100 CAD- 584,000 CAD

33,900 CAD-599,000 CAD

32,500 CAD- 574,000 CAD

31,300 CAD-551,000 CAD

26,200 CAD- 463,000 CAD

29,300 CAD-516,000 CAD

28,500 CAD-503,000 CAD

The salaries above may change depending on your experience, skills, education, etc.

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