What is the average salary in Canada you get as a migrant?

What is the average salary in Canada you get as a migrant?

Migrating to Canada as a permanent resident certainly raises the question of financial stability. Finding a job becomes the first challenge and in order to make a better decision, it is important to understand the average salary in Canada. Though, there can never be a single number to ascertain that because there are some occupations which are very highly paid while there are some who gets very low wages. It depends upon your line of profession to determine the salary that you can expect in Canada.

Over the internet, you can find that the average salary in Canada is a little less than CAD 50,000 per annum. In Indian currency, if you look at, this is INR 29.8 lacs at current exchange rate. At present, earning this much in India is a luxury whereas it is just average in Canada. This is the reason why so many Indians run after Canada PR visa. Not only they get better standards of living and good facilities, but they also get good earning opportunities. This average can fluctuate as per the province where the developed provinces offer the higher end of the average wage and less developed provinces pay comparatively less.

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It is necessary to understand the Canada Job Bank because only then you will know your prospects of getting employment in Canada. The occupation that you belong to must be in demand in Canada because only then there will be vacancies and you will be preferred in absence of the domestic talent. Discussing about the occupations and the average salary, you should know that there are occupations where the average salary is CAD 150,000, just the triple of the average salary in Canada, whereas the least paid jobs get the half of it, close to CAD 25,000.

The top paid jobs are Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, and Senior Managers in Finance, Communication, Manufacturing, Engineers, Pilots and Technical Experts. On the other hand, Cook, Bartender, Restaurant Host, Dishwasher, Domestic Help, Babysitters, Cashier and related jobs are least paid in Canada. With this, you can understand your occupation and on what end it would lie on the average salaries being paid in Canada.

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