What is the step by step procedure to apply for Australia PR?

Immigration to Australia, or Canada, or for that matter, any other developed global economy, such as the US and/or the UK, requires a great deal of planning and homework. Without playing your cards well and doing your homework, getting an Australia PR Visa or Canada PR Visa may not be an easy affair. In such a situation, if one talks about immigration to Australia, on a permanent basis, seeking and getting an answer to the query- What is the step by step procedure to apply for Australia PR becomes crucial.

Applying for Australia PR: Step by step procedure

Before Invitation to Apply (ITA)

  1. To begin with, to successfully apply for a PR Visa for Australia, you need to get your English language skills assessed by the concerned organization, namely, the IELTS.
  2. Next, get your professional skills examined by the concerned organization, namely, Engineers Australia.
  3. After you are through with these, create your profile on the points based system immigration, called SkillSelect, and obtain the necessary Australia PR Points i.e., 65 points on certain parameters. Earlier, you required only 60 points for the purpose.

Post ITA

If you manage to get an ITA from the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA), you will have 60 days to apply for a PR Visa, and move to the well-known destination permanently.

  1. Choose the Right Visa Category

To successfully apply for such a visa, choose the right visa category and submit the scanned copies of the relevant documents. Ensure that the profession for which you submit your work evidence is the one chosen by you from the latest Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

  1. Undergo Health & Character Checks

You will have to undergo the mandatory health & character check and submit the certificates received from the concerned authorities to the DHA visa officials for the approval. The Australian Government does not want criminals and/or sick-diseased people, who may present a danger to the well-being of its people or safety of the nation, and so they need such certificates from those who keen to move.

Do the needful and then keep your fingers crossed. If everything goes well, and your application manages to convince the DHA officials, that you will be an asset to the nation, and there will be no harm whatsoever in giving you an Australia PR Visa, you will get the visa and also the chance to move permanently to the nation as an economic skilled worker. And, show your in-demand skills to further improve the national economy of the Kangaroo Land.

Isn’t the PR process simple and straight forward? One hopes by now you must have found an answer to the query–What is the step by step procedure to apply for Australia PR? Use the information shared to plan your Australia immigration with ease and in style! Of course, if you still have some questions finding answer to which could be important, check with experienced and reliable Australia immigration consultants!

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