What not to do to avoid refusal of an immigration application

Many encounter visible errors when filling the immigration application with a lack of proper documentation. This gap can lead to the rejection of your Canada PR visa application or even a delay in processing.

When you do it on your own without any guidance, it can lead to either a successful submission or a complete flop show. This is more the reason you should keep these five handy tips to help you avoid the refusal of your immigration application or any possible issues related to representation:

  1. According to Access to Information results, mostly 10 percent of your immigration applications get rejected for being incomplete. It is the same case with Family class applications. It is essential for you to carefully evaluate the documents checklist and double-check your application before submission.
  2. Another significant error that applicants make several times is declaring themselves as ‘single’ when they are, in fact, common law during Canada immigration. The definition of common law in immigration has a much broader spectrum of meaning than other areas of law. It encapsulates any scenario wherein someone has cohabited in a marital relationship for a year or more. You are declaring yourself as single when your common-law points are subject to misrepresentation.
  3. It is imperative for you while filling your application to disclose any dismissed charges, arrests, etc., even if they did not lead to any conviction. If you fail to point this out, this could also amount to misrepresentation.
  4. One of the very usual reasons for misrepresentation is that someone did not disclose a refusal to another country, which in many cases is the United States.
  5. Always keep in mind that it is your chief responsibility to mention the purpose of your visit to that country and meet the eligibility requirements etc. People are often under the impression that IRCC will allow them to address any mistakes or errors in their Canada PR visa But there is no such responsibility on the part of IRCC.

Ensuring that you avoid these mistakes can prevent your immigration application’s refusal and enjoy a successful submission. For more Information you can contact with our immigration experts at 8595338595 or [email protected]

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