What to do After Being Nominated by Opportunities Ontario!

If you have been nominated by Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program, Opportunities Ontario, be it under the General Category or the International Student Category, you must be wondering what would be your next step after receiving the nomination to be in Ontario. Let’s discuss a few things you should know after being nominated by the provincial nominee program.

Once you are a successful nominee of the Opportunities Ontario, you can file your application with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to be a permanent resident in the country. However, you are eligible to apply for the same within six months of being nominated by the provincial program. You should know that the fact that being nominated by Opportunities Ontario you do not have legal status in Canada. Until you obtain the permanent resident status in the country, you must obtain authorization to stay and work in Canada.

While your application for PR is being processed by the CIC officials, you can apply for a temporary work permit. In this case as well, you would be required to approach the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, since the government agency is responsible for the issuance of the permit to stay in Canada and work for a temporary period of time. When you are issued with a temporary work permit you would be able to travel to Ontario to start working for your sponsor in the province.

For your information, individuals nominated by the Ontario Provincial nominee Program are not accountable for the Labor Market Opinion process. To know more about the whole process, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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