What To Do When You Arrive In Canada: Important Things You Must Know

Many people wrongly believe that getting a visa for Canada means the end of their problems and that they won’t have to bother anymore. Getting a visa may mean that you have successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC), and so are allowed to turn-up on the Canadian soils. But then you need to also brace-up, and be well prepared for certain other things also, and satisfy the Canadian officials from time to time, or when the need arises for the same.

When you turn-up in the country, an officer of the concerned agency–the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)–will welcome you. He will ask you to produce your passport and/or travel papers. Significantly, even if there’s no requirement of a permit to gain admission into the nation, you will have to answer some questions even as the involved officer will suitably verify that you cater to the conditions for entry to the Maple Country. This ought to take just some minutes.

Much importantly, you will not be permitted into the nation, in case you furnish wrong or imperfect info, and/or in case you fail to influence the official that you are qualified for admission. You will also be required to duly assure the official that you will go away from the country at the conclusion of your legally permitted period of stay in the nation.

In addition, though Ottawa will desist from asking you to deposit some money into a bank account (personal), or to transfer the same, via a particular organization, in certain cases, you may have to post a bond in the shape of a money deposit, to make certain that you obey certain pre-decided terms & conditions while you are inside the nation.

Further, kids below kids below 18 ought to possess convincing identification papers/documents. Those who are take a trip with a kid–and are not the latter’s parent or guardian–ought to possess a letter from the kid’s parent/guardian approving admission into the nation. In case you happen to be the kid’s sole guardian, you would do well to possess the needed documents/papers to establish the same.

The involved official will duly stamp your passport, and/or inform you about the officially authorized period for which you may reside in the Maple Country even as normally you can reside for 6 months or so. In certain specific circumstances, the official could restrict the said time-frame to fittingly cover just the targeted object of your trip. In case you are not certain about anything, you are welcome to ask questions.

In a situation wherein you infringe your permit’s terms & conditions, you will be asked to depart from the country. However, majority of the individuals asked to depart enjoy the right to an unbiased hearing, to appraise the decision.

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