What to Not Forget about Immigration to Denmark Positive List!

Entry to the amazingly beautiful and highly developed Northern European Country of Denmark is easily accessible through its positive list. What is positive list? Well, it is basically one of those useful and productive pathways which offer a red-carpet welcome to overseas migrants with open arms.

Immigration to Denmark positive list proves quite fruitful to all those skilled and talented people who wish to live up their long-cherished dreams of residing and working in a well-developed European country. For those not tuned in, or who came in late, the Nordic Nation strategically located–as mentioned before in Europe–is a very prosperous and thriving country, and its people have a very high standard of living, not seen in even most of the so-called highly developed nations of the world.

Coming back to the Denmark positive list, it contains the list of all those professions in which the nation is suffering shortage presently. This gives an excellent opportunity to the aspiring migrants to enter into the nation, by fruitfully ‘milking’ their skills and professions.

Key Requirements

Apart from being involved with any of the listed jobs, it is vital the aspirant possesses a valid job offer from a Danish employer, with complete information of salary and working conditions, which should match with the standards of the Danish government.

One most important thing which a candidate should keep in mind about immigration to Denmark positive list is that the minimum requirement of all profession is Bachelor’s Degree. In some cases the minimum requirement is Master’s Degree. In addition, some professions like doctors; for instance, need prior Danish authorization by the concerned medical authorities.

For the candidate–who gets work and residence permit under unlimited job contract—the duration of his permit would be of approximately four years whereupon he might increase it, if he is working on the same job at the present.

But–if the permit is granted under temporary job contract– then its duration would be of the same job time period, plus six months. This extra six months are given for searching a new job after the expiry of the job contract. The aspirant ought to suitably put forward an application for the new work and residence permit as soon as he gets a new job. Yes, it is important!

One of the most interesting parts of the immigration to Denmark positive list is that—in case the candidate files a petition for immigration from his home country–then he gets a visa one month prior to his job onset; of course, with the condition that he is financially sound to support himself and his family in Denmark during his stay within this time period. In case the aspirant does not disclose this, then he will get a visa for only 14 days, prior to the commencement of his job.

If a person loses the job–which he duly acquired from the positive list, because of none of his fault–then he gets an additional six months residence permit in order to search for a new job, provided he applies within two days of his job termination. It is essential that he clearly states the reason of job termination along with his passport copy. This benefit is availed only if he is not getting pleasure from any kind of assistance from the social policy act.

In case the aspirant gets a new job while he is working, then is vital that he duly submits a petition for a new work and residence permit. He may work at his new workplace prior to receiving a new permit with the condition to submit a petition for the same on the very first day of joining the new work.

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