Which Are Best Countries for Indians to Migrate?

The Indian community for migrants has a rather fascinating history across the globe. Since ages, people from India have migrated, in large numbers, to the various foreign countries, in the hope of better and secure future for themselves and their families. They have migrated and settled in almost every nation of the world.

Today, one will stumble across an Indian in the remote regions of, say, Africa; and also in the highly developed and leading areas of, say, the US and Europe. If we talk about the options for migration for the Indian visitors, then, frankly speaking, the options are endless, and only the sky is the limit for the footloose Indian travelers.

Indians, by and large, are famous for their professional skills, quality education, and hard-working nature. This makes them rather valuable, and they have a great number of options to start a new life in foreign country. However to make the best choice for them largely depends on their aspirations and personal dreams.

People from India migrate irrespective of their religion, caste, color and creed. Their main aim remains the same, and in broad terms, if we talk about the best countries for Indians to migrate, then the options varies from Australia, the US, Denmark, United Kingdom, Canada, Latvia, and many more.

These immigration hotspots have vast opportunities for all, especially for the talented outsiders from high profile jobs with good pay packages to suitable environment to start a business venture. Some countries like; for instance, Australia and Canada, are the all time favorite.

These particular immigration destinations have a large number of Indians and these people already residing inside their territories, and the work environment and policies of these countries are highly favorable for the migrants from this part of the world, i.e., India.
Why Indians prefer to migrate to countries like Canada and Australia?

Both these immigration hotspots have one of the largest numbers of Indians living on their soils. In fact, as per a report, in 2013, Indian migrants overtook the migrants from China, in terms of volume, and became the Number 1 source of migrants for Australia.

According to the current Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Minister, recently Asia has become the leading source of permanent migration for Oz, and during the last 15 years, the number of the India-born Australian residents has increased significantly and impressively.

The situation is no different in Canada. There, the Indo-Canadians are considered to be the third largest non-European immigrant group, next only to China and Philippines. With time, it has developed into one of the country’s most prominent and well-integrated communities. Majority of the Indians are found to be residing in the well-known Australian states of British Columbia (BC) and Ontario.

The increase in number clearly shows that both the countries are greatly preferred by the Indian migrants and that both of them practice, perhaps, the most suitable migration programs both for skilled professionals and business personals. Along with rewarding work conditions, the social benefits are unparallel there in, and, maybe, not found or seen in any other nation of the world and this includes even many of the so-called developed countries of the globe.

Apart from Canada and Australia, Indian immigrants are also known to prefer the beautiful Baltic country of Latvia which proves to be an easy entry to the whole of Europe. The US and the UK practice tough immigration policies and their immigration procedure is somewhat complicated and time-consuming, vis-à-vis Latvia.

Summing-up, globally, there are many countries that seem to be the best for Indians to migrate.

Immigration Advisor

However, many aspirants do not self analyze their credentials and end up making a wrong judgment. It is advisable to consult an immigration expert, and get your credentials accordingly assessed. Only after the same, make a final move to the country you could be best suited for, and if possible, also interested in.

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