Which country is the best student destination in the year 2022?

Which country is the best student destination in the year 2022?

International education once was perceived as a luxury for those who were affluent. But, with the introduction of overseas student-friendly campuses, affordable tuition fees, scholarships and stipends, and accessibility, the whole paradigm of International Education has changed. The student visas offered by developed countries are the most sought-after overseas education destinations for Indian students. As the international borders are opening one by one, International education is back to top preference by the students and skilled professionals equally.

Today, we will try to uncover the characteristics and features of choosing the best country to study abroad in 2022.

The article will compare the best study destinations among the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia based on the different factors and facets.

Below are the factors through which we will compare the study destinations:

Part-Time Jobs

  • Australia is the leading country to earn from AUD 19/hour or even AUD 3000 as a student. Excellent work opportunities are available – on or off-campus.
  • In other countries, you can earn – Canada (CAD 11 to CAD 16/hour), USA – (USD 8 to USD 15/hour), and the UK – (GBP 7 to GBP 8/hour)

Full-Time Salaries

The salaries in these countries may vary according to qualification, experience, and profiles.

  • USA – USD 60,000 to USD 90,000
  • Canada – CAD 60,000 to CAD 90,000
  • UK – GBP 50,000 to GBP 75,000
  • Australia – AUD 60,000 to AUD 80,000

In the USA, you can get a 3-year post-study work opportunity. And, students mostly opt for STEM courses in the USA to apply for H-1B Visa. The particular visa is primarily targeted at STEM course students. It provides a pathway to make an application for US green card.

Non-STEM courses students such as MBA normally opt for other destinations like Canada, the UK, and Australia. The possibility of getting a post-study work permit and a pathway to permanent residence is more likely in these countries.

Canada and Australia offer a flexible work environment. Both the countries provide freedom to choose any nature of work by the International Student. Whereas the UK and USA only offer those jobs related to your studies.

Scope of Citizenship or PR

  • Canada – The country has the fastest route to permanent residency and citizenship than any country in the world. You can work for any company in Canada after completing your studies under a post-graduate work permit. With only one year of full-time experience in Canada, you can quickly achieve permanent residency, accompanied by robust PR pathways.
  • USA – After your degree, you will get a 3-year post-study work opportunity. But, the process to USA Citizenship may take from 10 to 20 years, especially for Indians, depending on the type of work you pursue.
  • UK – As long as you find a valid job in the UK with a minimum salary of GBP 20,800, you can work for that company after your studies. After meeting the residency requirement of approximately six to nine years, you can achieve UK Citizenship.
  • Australia – You can work anywhere in Australia after your studies for 18 months to 4 years. And, you can achieve Australia permanent residency instantly based on a point-based system. And, you can gain citizenship from 5 to 7 years.


Choosing the best study destination in 2022 depends on the student’s preference. If you are looking for long-term goals like permanent residency and citizenship, Canada should be your primary choice. Then, for settlement, Australia can be another bet. But, if you are looking for work opportunities, then USA and UK should be your choice.

Among the top ranking places for best student destination in the year 2022, USA is one of the top names that have managed to top the list. A part-time student in USA can earn from $7.00 to $9.00 per hour. San Diago, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia are some of the most student cost friendly destinations in USA for students in 2022.

Studying in UK means that you shall be exposed to some of the best cities to study there such as London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Coventry, Nottingham, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Brighton. 20.7% of the student populace in UK are from overseas locations.

According to the QS world ranking 2022, Study in Canada is the best choice for overseas students and emerges as the top choice among contenders like UK, Australia and USA. This is because 28 of the universities in this ranking alone belong to Canada alone.

Applying for a study visa in any of these countries can lead to secure jobs and offer you the opportunity to work while studying and then eventually apply for a work permit which in the longer term can lead to permanent residency which can be beneficial to the individual in many ways such as free education, healthcare insurance and coverage that covers much of the high-flowing expenses and social security additions like maternity, disability perks, employment insurance as well as unemployment allowance.

A student in Canada can work up till 20 hours per week by joining at a Canadian university. Finishing an undergraduate degree will take a time duration of three to four years in Canada which is why it is one of the best places. Besides the nation has a post-graduation work permit for students who want to work after their studies.

Even Australia for that matter is a great destination when it comes to pursuing your higher studies in an overseas destination. Among the top 50 in the QS world ranking are Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, and the University of Queensland.

Another Job destination besides UK and the USA and an emerging one is Germany as it is really cost-friendly for students and has some of the best courses available for them toc choose from. Also most of these courses are free of cost.

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