Why do immigrants have a bright future in Canada's Labor Market

Why do immigrants have a bright future in Canada’s Labor Market

Canada is primarily opted by many international immigrants to study, work, and migrate in this new era of post-pandemic situations. The country gladly welcomes international immigrants by providing them with several professional options while adhering to the relevant rules.

Immigrants are an essential part of the country’s long-term success. This year, Canada has the lowest unemployment rate in its history. During the Corona pandemic, Canada experienced a labor shortage. As a result, the Canadian government devised a strategy to close the unemployment gap over the next decade.

Main Motives For Encouraging Immigrant Applications

Canada is one of the occupied countries that renews its immigration policies with PR alternatives every year. The country has invited its residents to join to deal with the pre-pandemic slump and reactivate the labor market.

The economy has taken the brunt due to fewer immigrants acquiring permanent status, negatively hurting the country’s immigrant careers and settlement. This resulted in numerous invitations for immigrants throughout the world.

  1. A large number of Canadians’ Retirement

The first and most crucial reason is that many Canadians are retiring. Even before the pandemic, Canada had the lowest unemployment rate.

  • Canada has 20 million people, with around 10 million reaching retirement age. These 10 million Canadians will retire during the next decade, creating significant job opportunities. This is a vast labor market deficit.
  • Canada does not only desire Canadian-born graduates who have completed their schooling to enter the labor sector. According to Canada’s Immigration policy, Canada wishes to provide opportunities to international immigrants who have recently fled to Canada.
  • Canada’s low birth rate has also impacted the quest for talent to replace departing staff. This significant population aging will also result in the most prominent healthcare spending.
  • This interprets how important immigration is for Canada’s economy to grow.
  • The decline in the unemployment rate has resulted in high earnings across industries, creating an ideal opportunity for foreign labor.
  1. Selection Process

The selection process is crucial in becoming one of Canada’s immigrants. It is competitive. The federal government, provinces, and territories have amended and updated the selection criteria to boost the immigrant economy in recent years. Some possible selection criteria are as follows:

  • Express Entry is an essential and popular immigration route among immigrants. This Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) requires candidates who are young, well educated, and proficient in English or French to have relevant professional experience.
  • Having Canadian education or work experience will result in a higher CRS score and a more substantial chance of obtaining Permanent Residence to satisfy the Canadian job market.
  1. More chances for Canadian Immigrants

Several Canadian Permanent Residents have been selected more frequently. The overseas immigrant market has shrunk by 30% compared to the pre-pandemic period in the last year.

  • The government has decided to expand the number of immigration routes accessible to Canadians.
  • Almost all provinces and territories raised the number of in-Canada candidates chosen through the Provincial nominee program (PNP)
  • By 2024, this will account for 1.14 percent of the total increase in the Canadian population.
  1. Investment in newcomers

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have decided to focus on newcomers’ settlement process and services. Over the previous decade, it has boosted its investments in this process.

There is a record low unemployment rate in Canada and July was the fifth subsequent month with as low as 4.9%. According to Statistics Canada’s June Labour Force Survey, the low in the employment scene in the Canada labour market is a result of lesser people searching for employment, thus opening doors for newcomers to work here.

More than 1 million job posts

At the onset of May it was reported that Canada is looking to over one million (1,005,700) vacant positions which means it has gone upwards by 42.5% (+300,100) from May 2021. This upward surge in jobs began from the second half of 2021.

Some of the topmost sectors demanding for overseas skilled workers in the labour market of Canada belong to health care and social assistance (143,400), accommodation and food services (161,100), retail trade (99,200), manufacturing (86,800), construction (84,600), and transportation as well as warehousing (51,100).

There is an ongoing shortage of labour which is a chief component in immigration targets of the Canadian government because of which they are looking to admit more than 1.3 new permanent residents between 2022 and 2024.

Increase in Wages

The Average hourly wages in Canada went up by 5.2% (+$1.54 to $31.14) in both June and July and rose to 3.9% in May and 3.3% in April. This means that there is not only an acceleration in wages but the momentum at which they are surging is also rapidly growing.

Yet another report by the government showcases that how average weekly wages have risen to 2.5% year over year, making it a great advantage for immigrants to work in the labour market of Canada.

Job Market is more mobile for immigrants

In a latest Labour Force Survey data for October 2022, released by the Statistics Canada that the newcomers and immigrants have been successful in searching for employment in Canada. As per the 2021 census data on immigration, near to 23% of Canada’s inhabitants belongs to a class of an immigrant.

Also, the survey showcases the fact that over 62% of immigrants who are in the age group of 15 and over are employed in Canada labour market. Also, it was shown that the migrants who have settled in Canada in the previous five years has an employment rate of 70.7%, greater than pre-pandemic period or October 2019. The largest gains in terms of employment belong to the sectors of construction and accommodation, manufacturing, and food services. Also, the survey showcases that there has been an upsurge on employment rate since March 2022.


With all of these considerations, one can apply swiftly and confidently to be a member of an in-Canada candidate. Canada has supported filling labor market gaps with talented in-country candidates and investing in and assisting immigrants to flourish.

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