Why & How Hong Kong is the Best Immigration Hotspot!

Do you know which country is the Asia’s most desirable country? It is none other than the City State of Hong Kong. It is an ideal place for those who wish to pursue world-class higher education, work in excellent work culture, or simply a very enjoy high standard of living.

Every year, the ‘Skyline Country’ attracts 100s of 1000s applicants by simply offering them lucrative work opportunity that will for sure help them stand apart from rest of the crowd. If Hong Kong attracts you, then you must know why and how Hong Kong is the best immigration hotspot.

Hong Kong–officially known as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China–apart from having a strong and growing economy is famous for its impressive skyline, deep natural harbor, and artificial beauty.

Before we talk more about the city-state, let’s know in detail as to why and how Hong Kong is the best immigration hotspot.

Economy of Hong Kong

The main reason why the nation is fast emerging as a top immigration destination is its thriving economy and ample of work opportunities. It is the world’s leading financial center; its capitalist service economy is characterized by free trade and low taxation.

To attract fresh talent and boost the economy of the country, the government of the Hong Kong has implemented some unexpected and unprecedented amendments, such as for common man the tax rate has been lowered to 15% where as for business professionals, the tax rate has been fixed to 16.5% only which is the lowest rate when it comes to international market. No wonder, due to its low tax rates, its economy is regarded more as an open economy.

Employment Opportunities

High immigration rate means employment opportunities are more in the nation. Its thriving economy and industrial sector, which is growing at the higher pace, is most promising and offers endless job opportunities.

Applicants with the right qualification, experience and skills can easily find suitable work opportunities with the best pay perk in the industry. In order to meet the growing demand of skilled workers, the government has introduced various migration schemes, especially for trained manpower which allows them to enter the sovereign state smoothly.

What are the benefits of Hong Kong Immigration?

Once applicants successfully migrate to Hong Kong over a period of time they t enjoy the following benefits:

  • It’s relatively easy to attain the Hong Kong Permanent Residency.
  • Children of the migrants are liable to get free education.
  • As compared to other nations, here the cost of living is relatively low.
  • Migrants can enjoy various recreational and leisure activities.
  • They are liable to enjoy human rights and social security is well assured.
  • They can easily bring along their family members, i.e., spouse/partner and dependent children.

Now that you are well aware as to why & how Hong Kong is the best immigration hotspot, what are you really waiting for? You should not waste another second and prepare yourself to process your visa application.

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