Why Living Standards in Australia are high as Compared to the UK?

Australia is an enormously rich country in terms of natural resources, minerals, and land. The land of kangaroos also ranks among the top 5 industrial diamond, iron, gold, silver, lead, uranium, zinc, etc. Additionally, the land mass of Australia is five times larger than the UK, and energy powers almost equivalent to Japan and China. In any area where Australia takes lower points is water. It’s the second driest continent in the world.

United Kingdom, on the other hand, doesn’t have much resources to feel empowered. It is more trade and technology dominated country, something where Australia also stands tall. In terms of human resource deployment, education, and technology there isn’t much difference between both the countries. For example- Australia ranks 16th globally for its technology, whereas UK sits at 17th position. Australia also scores highly in areas such as, clean water, high-quality education, and freedom of expression.

Population and GDP

Australia is less populated than the UK so is its GDP, which is around $1 trillion. On the contrary, UK’s GDP is $2.4 trillion, But Australia’s low GDP goes well with its 24 million people, which UK has to distribute among its 65 million people. In terms of per Capita GDP, Australia ranked 17th $48,899 in 2016, whereas the UK is 25th ($42,481).

Strong Global Business Ties

Australia has strong trade and investment links with countries such as, China, the US, and Europe. The country is also growing in population with a number of immigration programs, making it a powerhouse of skilled and educated workforce together boosting the Australian economy. Additionally, Australian businesses and exporters are also expanding their footprints across different regions, thus capitalizing on the growing demands of goods and services in Australia.

Social Progress and Median Income

Australia ranks 12 in Social Progress Index 2019, whereas UK takes the 13th position. Australia ranks above than the UK in terms of personal rights, personal safety, basic medical care, and water and sanitation.

By median income, Australia ranks 4th in the world ranking with an average income of $46,555 for full-time adults as of November 2019. This was an increase of 1.5 per cent over the past six months and an annual increase of 3.2 per cent. On the contrary, United Kingdom ranks 19th with an average household income of $31,617.

Hope, the above-mentioned points have given you a comprehensive idea of the living standards of both the countries. They are just a few pointers, which you might consider before coming to any conclusion. There are so many additional variables to think about and to determine the type of salary, profession, and lifestyle you can command while living in either Australia or UK.

And, if Australia’s high living standards and social progress excite you for Australia immigration, then there are multiple skilled migration programs for qualified and experienced professionals aspiring to stay permanently in Aus.

General Skilled Migration is the most popular form of migration to Australia. They are described as follows:

Subclass 189 Visa: this skilled migration program allows skilled overseas workers in a specific occupation to apply for Australia PR visa and permanently settle in the country. Applicants don’t need a sponsor to apply for the subclass 189 visa.

Subclass 190 Visa: this is a skilled nominated visa for people working in in-demand occupations in Australia’s labor market. However, you must be nominated by an Australian state or territory government before applying for this visa.

Subclass 491 visa: it’s basically a temporary visa that may lead to permanent residency Australia. The stream aims at attracting skilled foreign workers who want to live and work in regional Australia for five years. Visa holders are eligible to apply for a PR visa after three years. Applicants must be sponsored by an eligible family member residing in a designated regional area in order to apply.

Benefits of Migrating to Australia

Apart from high living standards, there are also other benefits of migrating to Australia:

• Superb job opportunities
• World-class educational facilities
• Excellent healthcare system
• Robust economy
• Stable political environment
• Flexible and easy pathways for migration

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