I Am Willing to Fix US Immigration Laws, Says Obama

In a key development–and severely blaming his political opponents in the US capital, for his inability to honor his campaign promise made during 2008, involving an immigration overhaul–the President of the United States has reportedly informed the American voters that he is fully prepared to ink a broad-based immigration solution.

Barack Obama added that he would continue unabated his fight for reforms to give the children of the unregistered workers a path to the much-prized citizenship status of the country, and also address other vital issues plaguing the complex immigration rules of the nation. The Democrat president continued that he was ready to join hands with all who could be serious enough to find a solution, and to achieve an unbiased and all-inclusive immigration overhaul.

The support of the Latino voters could turn the scale of fortune in the race to occupy the topmost post of the US President on November 6–particularly across the key American states of Virginia, Arizona and Florida.  Although Obama is doing fine and is placed rather comfortably leading the race with his Republican rival trailing behind (according to an opinion poll), not every Latino is reportedly happy with the fact that he has badly failed to honor his promise made before in this regard.

Last month, Obama had reportedly declared that in case the American voters sent him back to the office again, he would positively address the issue of immigration overhaul straight away during his second tenure.

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