With a stop-off for RT-PCR, Indians have more options to travel to Canada

With a stop-off for RT-PCR, Indians have more options to travel to Canada

After a long wait to ease travel restrictions to Canada, Indians finally have some good news in their hands. Dated 07th September 2021, Indians can travel to Canada if they are fully vaccinated and stop at the third destination for the RT-PCR test before entering Canada. What eases the troubles of Indians here is that more countries have opened up for vaccinated Indians, and they can now travel to Canada via Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Turkey has also relaxed the norms for vaccinated Indians.

As Canada has started welcoming tourists from India, there is an increase in demand to travel to Canada. Indians had significantly fewer options through Egypt or Mexico, but with more countries allowing Indians to transit, Canada becomes more accessible. It indicates a time close to normalcy where a trip to foreign destinations like Canada can be planned with family.

One factor that has led to the easing restrictions is the vaccination drive in India. It is currently ranked 14 amongst the top 29 populous nations, with 47.5 doses per 100 people. The vaccination campaign accelerated in August, and raising awareness and availability of the vaccines have played their part too. Such developments have encouraged the countries to open their borders for vaccinated Indians with easier restrictions.

The person traveling must be fully vaccinated at least 15 days before the travel date. It takes two weeks to build up immunity against the infection after a dose has been injected. Canada has also removed the mandatory quarantine for three days in a government-approved hotel for the vaccinated travelers from India, including the international students.

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