Work Out 457 Work Visa Requirements for Australia

457 Work Visa Requirements for Australia

Are you interested to migrate to Australia with the popular and widely used 457 Work Visa, and wish to figure out the visa requirements for Australia, for this specific visa? Well, if YES, then check this blog and unearth all that you wish to know!

But before we really figure-out the different Visa Requirements for Australia, under the 457 Class, let’s find out what is the most decisive factor that attracts a large number of people to move to Oz!

457 Work Visa Requirements for Australia
457 Work Visa Requirements for Australia

Well, to begin with, the Kangaroo Land whole heartedly rolls-out a red-carpet welcome to the gifted and self-motivated people from the rest of the world to join and make a handy contribution to its pulsating and vigorous economy, way of life and culture.

Immigration is crucial for any nation, and in the case of Oz, they draw more and more hard working and talented people to the nation as immigrants with a view to take their already thriving economy to bigger heights, and further assist in expanding their treasury. Every year, they give new well-paid offers to attract huge immigrants, from far and wide.

Subcategory 457 Work Visa

This takes us to the Australian Subcategory 457 Work Visa!

It is the perhaps most commonly used scheme for the Australian or overseas recruiters to sponsor trained foreign labor force to do a job in the country on a temporary basis. The 457 Visa offers two main choices, namely, Business sponsorship and self-sponsorship.

The visa enables the Australian and the foreign recruiters/firms to proffer sponsorship to an immigrant employee to gain admission into Oz, for a maximum period of 4 years, with a view to engage in skilled work. It is possible for the visa holder’s family members to also gain entry to the hotspot, and do a job and/or study through their stay there in.

After an individual gain admission on a 457 Work Visa, there is not any restriction whatsoever to the figure of times he can gain admission and depart from the nation through the time period of his visa.


Majority of the recruiters–who sponsor manpower through a 457 Visa–do so as a standard business sponsor. However, in some particular situations employers can also sponsor through, what is called a labor agreement as an alternative.

There is a requirement of a labour agreement in these situations:

  1. Sponsorship is required for the manpower in the meat or on-hire industries.
  2. The sponsor is in the hunt for to address ‘special labour market circumstances’.
  3. Sponsorship is required for a responsibility that is not given on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL) of the nation.

Australian 457 Visa Employer Requirements (Standard business sponsor)

For a recruiter to be qualified to submit an application–as a standard business sponsor, for an employee or employees to come to Oz under a 457 Visa—it is mandatory that they fulfill these Visa Requirements for Australia:

  1. Be a legally operating firm.
  2. Mention the figure of the employees they want to sponsor over the complete term of their sponsorship.
  3. Firms IN Australia must:
  4. Fulfill the approved training benchmark, in case they have been involved with trading for a period of one year or more.
  5. Possess a viable plan to fulfill the prescribed training benchmark, in case they have been trading for a period of one year or less.
  6. State in black & white that they have a rather vow to hiring the local people, and will not favor, in any manner, in the matters of staffing.
  7. Have fulfilled any training requirements under their last period as a 457 sponsor, in case appropriate.
  8. Firms/ventures OUTSIDE of Oz must:
  9. Plan to offer the prized sponsorship to a 457 employee, to set-up a new venture in the country with links to an overseas venture, OR
  10. Plan to sponsor a 457 employee, to fulfill the prescribed responsibilities the recruiter has in Down Under.
  11. Have no ‘adverse information’ relating to them.
  12. Must not have taken any action which led to a third party shelling-out charges related to the recruiter becoming a sponsor or hiring a 457 employee.

Check with a trusted and renowned visa consultant dealing with Australia immigration to find out more about the different compulsory visa requirements for Australia for this specific class of visa!

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