Would Canada Restructure Live-In Caregiver Scheme?

Are you a professional Live-in Caregiver or Nanny and motivated with Canada immigration? If yes, this news report is for you. As per a report, Canada may sooner than later introduce fresh laws for Live-in Caregiver Plan despite the fact that the information in this connection has still not officially been made public. Several foreigners–doing jobs as nannies or live-in caregivers in the Maple Leaf Country–are rather worried of any looming amendments to the live-in caregiver scheme.

The terror of any impending improvements to the Canada live-in caregiver scheme in the future is all the more germane in the backdrop of the latest amendments introduced by the nation to its Temporary Foreign Workers Scheme during the month of June, 2014.
Improvements Targeted to Decrease Exploitation

Allegedly, in all likelihood, the nation may make some amendments to its live-in caregiver plan to assist check the increasing and the widespread abuse of the plan. Jason Kenney, the current Employment Minister, has unambiguously warned that low-salaried aliens–eager to work as nannies in the nation–are permitted to get professionally involved in the country as caregivers.

Still, the course is allegedly being exploited for gaining the cherished and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status of the nation, with the PR visa. It’s being claimed that many overseas caregivers are blatantly and deliberately abusing and exploiting Canada immigration. Many of these people end up doing jobs for their family–members in the country.

Their only target appears to get hold of the PR for Canada, at all costs. A greater part of the caregivers–particularly from some specific nations, such as the Philippines; for instance–have been found to have arrived on the Canadian shores for the sole object of family reunification.

Canada Live-in Caregiver Scheme

It enables the nannies or the caregivers from out-of-the-country to do jobs in the Maple Leaf Country. As per a report, from 2008 to 2013, the nation has offered permanent residency to close-to 60,000 aliens, via its live-in caregiver plan.

Through the immigration plan, overseas live-in caregivers require working permanently for two years or 24 months, or they require being professionally involved for a corresponding figure of hours over the time of 22 months. They also require providing care for kids aged less than 18 years, or aged individuals who are 65 years or above, or differently-abled persons. In the aftermath of fulfilling these conditions, the overseas live-in caregivers can submit a visa-petition for the Canadian PR.

The overseas live-in caregivers, along with their dependents, are enabled to present a submission for getting hold of Canada PR condition and become the proud permanent residents of the country.

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