Yearly Report for 2012-13 out from the Australian DIBP

In a quite significant development– Spelling-out an action-packed year of action–the concerned Australian immigration body, i.e., Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), has lately brought out its yearly report for 2012-13. In this connection, a concerned official claimed that the year gone by was one of unparalleled change and growth. And, the immigration department dealt with over and over again erratic challenges in backing the administration to tailor the nation, via administering permanent & provisional movements of people in & out of the nation, and in providing settlement & citizenship schemes.

As if to give an indication of the magnitude of the organization’s work, he said that in the 2012-13 year alone, the DIBP supervised over 33 million border travels by students, visitors & impermanent migrants, besides permanent residents & citizens. Further, close-to 4.7 million permanent & provisional permits were offered; over 2.5 million calls were duly responded to at its many call centres.

As revealed in the yearly report, an additional accomplishment was a second consecutive year of unmatched development in citizenship petitions, with over 120,000 persons gaining the prized and the much sought after citizenship at public functions, comprising a momentous 17,059 on just the Australia Day 2013.

The said official further said that fulfillment of the nation’s migration structure also continued to be rather impressive and inspiring, with over 99% of the 5.1 million impermanent visitors during the year duly obeying their permit prerequisites. The end result for the Migration Scheme for 2012–13 was 190,000 places, even as the same is 5,000 places more, as compared to the Migration Scheme for 2011–12. The same is claimed to be mainly thanks to the execution of the ground-breaking, best practice trained immigration selection arrangement, SkillSelect.

Further, during the previous year, the department commenced a chain of helpful programs in the temporary migration permits, covering Business Innovation and Investment program started on July 1, 2012. It targets to prove useful for the national economy, via swelling the entrepreneurial & original talents gaining admission into the country, and the Significant Investor Permit begun on November 24, 2012 to draw overseas investment from high net worth people, who ought to make an investment of not less than $5 million in Down Under.

Furthermore, the Temporary Work (Skilled) subcategory 457 Permit Scheme–reorganized from July 1, 2013–has been developing at an unparalleled pace. Allegedly, the national immigration body has been rather pivotal even as it has played a decisive role in molding the future of a flourishing, inclusive Australia.

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