Yes! Attacks Had an Element of Racism: Commits Australia

This month is all about mending the relationships between India and Australia. First it was Kevin Rudd, then Shane Warne, and now Stephen Smith, during his visit to India has affirmed that some of the attacks were racial in nature, which has provided ample damage to Australian reputation as a whole.

The minister on the facet that The Australian Institute of Criminology would soon provide reports on these attacks that would assist the Aussie government deal with these issues in a better way. He went on to elaborate that these attacks have a hint of racial tone which is really shameful and contemptible!

Canberra had earlier denied the involvement of any hint of racism in the spate of racial attacks that happened in Australia.

Smith commented that the government has worked immensely hard to address the whole issue. He commented that they need to be transparent towards the whole issue and affirmed that a lot of things would be performed in the future to portray the Aussie image in a better way.

He also said that applicants who work on part time are at greater risk.  Therefore they should be careful while traveling in Australian premises, especially at night.

Earlier, various measures have been performed in attempt to mend the tensions created between the two nations, courtesy the racial attacks happening in Australia on a regular basis. It is true that the relationship has been hampered in a major way but that does not deprive Australia from gaining the position of being one of the applauded study destinations in the world!

In the end, Smith commented on strengthening the relationships between both the countries!

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