Why Bulgaria is Best Country for Business Immigrants?

As per some observers on the subject, the Republic of Bulgaria is best country for business immigrants. No wonder, it has become one of the most sought-after destinations for the business-minded people from all around the world, of late.

It is revolutionary to note how much more per capita the nation makes takes in compared to any other European nation at the height of the business migrants’ influx.

There are many factors which make the republic a leading destination to set-up a business. For instance, it’s allegedly the third best country in the world in the field of manufacturing facilities.

Yes, Bulgaria Is Best Country for Business Immigrants!
Yes, Bulgaria Is Best Country for Business Immigrants!

Check the blog and find out how the nation ticks all the boxes when it comes to offering excellent business and investment environment to the migrants!

Why settle in Bulgaria?

It is every bit of beautiful like you must have imagined any European city to be like. It is an upper-middle-class country with ever-increasing GDP, especially due to its tourism sector. Apart from the interesting streets and colorful houses, there are many other aspects, like business opportunities and expansion that make Bulgaria the best country for business migrants. Most of all, the country is completely free of all, politically safe and financially stable, which makes it the most business friendly.

What makes Bulgaria the best migrant nation for business?

The life of a businessman and the quality of his business has several factors attached to it. Out of which financial stability of the country plays a major role. Bulgaria has the least government debts in the entire European continent along with having the lowest budget deficits. All this increases a businessman’s approach to the market. Therefore, a business located in Bulgaria has a direct access to zero tariffs and the key European markets.

What does Bulgaria have to offer to its service sector?

To its Business and Service sector, the republic provides the cheapest possible corporate and personal income tax rates, which is pre-fixed at mere 10%. It is flat and the same for all, regardless of your salary per annum. Because the nation is financially stable, it is only expected its banks to be equally in a stable formation. This, in turn, results in the downfall of the usually high credit rates, these even consistently decreases. When the banks have such customer-friendly interest rates, it is most obvious that more people will opt for loans, and therefore the business sector gradually will become favorable for its residents.

Permanent Residence permit facility

Anyone who seeks Bulgaria for business interests is offered an easy-to-apply Permanent Residence (PR) Permit.

  • A long-term visa is released for a period up to 180-360 days, depending upon the nature of your stay in the country.
  • To get PR in Bulgaria, you should have lived for at least 5 years in the country with no criminal records whatsoever and an exemplary business status.
  • A long-term stay permit is granted to those foreign visitors, who have a D-type visa and fulfill all the formal pre-requisites.

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