You Need Fulfilling Several Requirements to Enjoy Canada Business Visa Benefits

Many overseas immigration-motivated, ambitious business personnel usually keep a sharp eye on the economy of various developed and advanced countries where there is a good score of growth and development, such as Canada, for instance.

The Maple Leaf Country has emerged as arguably the best destination for various businesses. The reason: at present, many nations are living under the fear of economic slowdown.

Looking at the present international scenario, Canada’s economy looks better than others. With the ninth largest economy in the world, this North American Nation has a low interest rate even while its economy is expanding at a rather considerable rate.

What’s more: as compared to last year, the nation’s unemployment rate has improved and inflation is low. The country has maintained a steady growth and is a leading member of the G7 member states. It has also won the top spot among the G20 member states to do business.

Canada Business Visa–key requirements, benefits are many and vary as per the programmes, but let’s first have a look at some other influencing factors as well! Courtesy the following reasons, the Maple Leaf Country is an attractive destination for business personnel:

  1. Business environment is excellent.
  2. Educated workforce is easily available.
  3. Well demonstrated and strong growth record.
  4. Open opportunity to access international market.
  5. Tax rate is minimum among the G7 countries.
  6. Economic stability.

Canada Business Visa–Key Requirements, Benefits

Business Visa for the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ gives you an easy opportunity to acquire the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residence (PR) status, and later become a Canadian citizen only to acquire the much desired Canadian passport.

Now let’s look at the key requirements and benefits under various business immigration programmes!

Key Requirements

Entrepreneur Programme (Federal): The Canadian government aims to attract those business personnel who are capable of owning and managing an existing business in the country, which will in return generate more revenue and job opportunities for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

  1. Applicant must have legally acquired at least CAD$ 300,000.
  2. Must have the ability to own and manage a business (qualifying) within three years after becoming Canadian permanent residents.
  3. Through the business the applicant must be able to create at least one full time job for either Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  4. Score enough points on the point system.
  5. Must have business experience in the qualifying business.

Quebec Entrepreneur Programme

  1. The applicant must have a net worth of CAD $300,000. This may include the assets of your spouse.
  2. The applicant must have at least three years of business management experience.
  3. Submit a business proposal/plan either to establish or acquire a business in the province which the applicant wishes to operate and manage.
  4. Through the qualifying business, the candidate must be able to create at least three job opportunities for the province’s residents.
  5. He must have the potential to successfully manage and operate qualifying business within three years of acquiring the PR.

Self employed (Federal)

  1. Must have at least 2 years of self employment experience in athletics or cultural activities, and have participated in international activities or must have managed a farm.
  2. Must have enough funds to support your stay in the country, including that of your family.
  3. Must have an ability to establish a business.
  4. To become eligible, score enough points on the points system.


Benefits enjoyed by applicants are many some of them have been listed below:

  1. Eligible applicants are easily granted a Business Visa.
  2. As per NAFTA Agreement, easy access to international market and the European Union (EU).
  3. Applicant may bring along his family members.
  4. Once the applicant has lived and worked in the country for at least three years, he may submit an application for Canadian PR that paves a way for Canadian citizenship.
  5. Easy access to healthcare facilities and education system.
  6. Social security and freedom to travel freely–both internally and externally.

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