Zimbabweans Holding Malawian Passports Might Face Prosecution!

Reportedly, Malawian officials are going to prosecute Zimbabweans who unlawfully obtain Malawian passports in order to get inside the United Kingdom, as well as other countries and then file for asylum status.

There are instances that after entering the UK, many of the Zimbabweans have given up their Malawian passports prior to providing their original identification credentials to claim for political asylum. In some instances, people have been sent back to Malawi, eventually who have been abandoned. But, there are still some people are living in the United Kingdom, as well as other countries.

Of late, immigration officials from Zimbabwe and Malawi have met to discuss the issues related to security. Malawi officials have also contacted the UK government in order to inform that whenever they capture any Zimbabwean who possesses a Malawian passport, they should sent him back to Malawi for prosecution. However, UK laws do not permit the nation to deport such people to a country which is not their land of origin.

Malawians previously did not require to obtain visas in order to enter the United Kingdom, but because of the occurrence such issues and the abuses of the laws, tight immigration measures have been put in place by the UK immigration department.

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