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Work Illegally, Get CAUGHT! Why Not be genuine?

The consequences of working illegally are known by us. Still we indulge ourselves into it… Recently, two undocumented workers from China have been caught working in the UK in an undocumented manner.

The officials from the UK Border Agency marked a raid at China Wok located in Cedric Street and found out that two people were working in the restaurant on an illegal basis. It has been said that they were denied their claims for getting asylum; hence, they went on to work in the country in an undocumented manner. They have been identified of being two men aged 40 and 34 respectively.

This is just one instance where people working in an illegal manner have been caught by the staff of Border Agency and taken into custody. Their career is finished and they are left in a state of limbo now, torn between two countries.

The one who is aged 34 was taken into custody, kept at the Llanelli police station and then moved to a detention centre. Reports say that he is due for his deportation in the upcoming days. (Till now he has to go through an endless wait).

The other men, aged 40 years has been offered an immigration bail, in addition to this, he has been asked to report to the local police station every week. But this does not mean that he has been saved from the aspect of deportation! The officials of the UK Border Agency are working on it!

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Restaurant Fined Over Illegal Worker!

Eckington: A restaurant in Eckington would have to face a gigantic fine of up to £10,000 for employing an undocumented worker during a raid conducted by the officials of the UK Border Agency. Reports say that the process was part of an ongoing attempt to weed out illegal immigrants, applicants indulged in fake marriages for the purpose of immigration, bogus students and institutions and organized immigration scams on a national level.

Acting on the information received by sources, the officials marked a raid on Bilals Restaurant located on Market Street, cross-checking the genuineness of the workers and knowing their legal immigration status.

A worker of Bangladeshi origin, aged 27, was found employed as a waiter and was caught red-handed having no legal documents to work in the country and having entered the nation in an undocumented manner.

He was later released on immigration bail but has to mark his presence at the office of the UK Border Agency on a regular basis meanwhile the investigation is going on to deport him back to his homeland.

The restaurant faced an on-the-spot penalty note for employing an undocumented employee and is liable to pay a huge fine in return. It has now become mandatory for the restaurant to prove that it went for the right amount of pre-employment checks on its employees.

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Immigration Offenders Caught in UK Takeaway!

The UK Border Agency caught three immigration offenders during a raid on a Barry takeaway on Thompson Street. The 3 offenders were from china who working at the Twin Dragons Chinese takeaway. They were found while the immigration authorities were carrying out immigration status checks the employees of the takeaway.

Out of the three, a woman and a man did not have the right to take up employment in the UK. As part of the raid, the officials also checked the accommodation for the staff alongside the takeaway, while they found the other offender. Later it was found that the boy had been living and working in the United Kingdom unlawfully.

The woman was put into custody who now awaits her deportation from the nation. Other two offenders were put on immigration bail and now they are required to report every week to police. As for the takeaway, the employer was given a civil penalty notice for the offenders who were caught working during the raid. If the takeaway fails to provide proofs of carrying out all the necessary immigration checks while employing the two, then it faces a fine, which may go up to 20,000 Euros.

It is not a rare thing to find illegal immigrants or people who are not permitted to take up employment in the United Kingdom working in restaurants or other food chains. Unlawful immigrants and employers who employ illegal immigrants are found facing deportation and penalties respectively time to time, but still there is no end to these practices. Abusing the immigration system of a country is displeasing. People must be aware of the immigration rules set by a country and they should abide by them for a peaceful and smooth running of a system!

Illegal Hereford Curry Restaurant Chef Arrested!

A worker who was working in an undocumented manner has been taken into custody in Herefordshire. He was employed in an Indian restaurant located there. Reports have confirmed that the accused was staying in an illegal manner.

It has been said that a visit was marked by the officials from the UK Border Agency as they investigated the work permits of five staff people working at the Cinnamon Club located at the Bridge Street, Hereford. The visit was marked on 25th August 2010.

The reason behind the arrest of the Bangladeshi official is that the 29 year old man overstayed his visa, hence, violating the rules linked with UK Immigration system. In addition, he was not having the permission to stay in the country.

Also, there is news in the air that the restaurant might face a fine of £10,000 in a crime to hire the worker in an undocumented manner, till the time the restaurant proves that it performed legal right-to-work checks before recruiting him.

The accused has been ordered to report to the police officials or the Border Agency officials while he was kept on immigration bail. Moreover, other official reports are saying that plans are being made to mark his removal from the country.

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Illegal Workers in the UK!

UK Border Agency has found a restaurant owner guilty of engaging illegal workers in to it, and now the owner may have to pay a fine up to £50,000. Reportedly, the restaurant has appointed 5 illegal workers. However, this is not the first time that UKBA has fined entities like eateries. There have been many times in the past, where owners were found guilty of similar offense.

The alleged illegal workers are all from China and the UKBA officials have arrested then at Richmond’s Miso Noodle Bar. However, each of them is alleged with a variety of immigration offenses. Two of them are failed asylum seekers, and two had overstayed their visas, the fifth one had entered the country unlawfully. They were being caught last week.

As of now, one of the offenders is in detention. Remaining four were freed on immigration bail. The UK Border Agency may consider sending all five workers back to their native country from the UK. Besides, the agency has warned the employer that he could face fine up to £50,000 for employing these men, if he would not be able to prove that he had carried out proper work checks.

In the meanwhile, 27 more people were found guilty of immigration offenses at a Lancaster farm. Reportedly, the large group constituted illegal workers from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal. These people were alleged with different offenses, like illegal entry, working in breach of their UK visas, as well as overstaying permission to be in the UK.