Immigration Offenders Caught in UK Takeaway!

The UK Border Agency caught three immigration offenders during a raid on a Barry takeaway on Thompson Street. The 3 offenders were from china who working at the Twin Dragons Chinese takeaway. They were found while the immigration authorities were carrying out immigration status checks the employees of the takeaway.

Out of the three, a woman and a man did not have the right to take up employment in the UK. As part of the raid, the officials also checked the accommodation for the staff alongside the takeaway, while they found the other offender. Later it was found that the boy had been living and working in the United Kingdom unlawfully.

The woman was put into custody who now awaits her deportation from the nation. Other two offenders were put on immigration bail and now they are required to report every week to police. As for the takeaway, the employer was given a civil penalty notice for the offenders who were caught working during the raid. If the takeaway fails to provide proofs of carrying out all the necessary immigration checks while employing the two, then it faces a fine, which may go up to 20,000 Euros.

It is not a rare thing to find illegal immigrants or people who are not permitted to take up employment in the United Kingdom working in restaurants or other food chains. Unlawful immigrants and employers who employ illegal immigrants are found facing deportation and penalties respectively time to time, but still there is no end to these practices. Abusing the immigration system of a country is displeasing. People must be aware of the immigration rules set by a country and they should abide by them for a peaceful and smooth running of a system!

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