Pope Speaks on Immigration Issues!

The worldwide immigration debate has a new entrant in the form of Pope Benedict who has defended the right of a nation to protect its national borders. He said these words on the World Day of Migrants and Refugees at the Catholic Church. He requested for the immigrants to be given due respect stressing that each and every individual had the right to leave home and look out for better opportunities in a new nation.

The current debate on immigration was also responded to by him. The main aspects which were used as instances here is the immigration reform bill of the United States and the immigration cap set by UK. According to Pope, all the states have the right to maintain the inflow of migrants and protect their borders. At the same time, they must guarantee to respect the dignity of each and every human being.

As per the Pope, the nations should strive to merge welcoming every individual specifically those who are in need. At the same time, it should also be considered as to what is required for the local community and its people while the fresh entrants reside a peaceful and a dignified life.

On the other hand, the deportation carried out by the French Government has been criticized by the Catholic Church. Many immigrants were residing in illegal camps in France who were subject to deportation recently.

It is a known fact that the Government of UK intends to put a permanent cap on the number visas being issued to those belonging to the non EU nations. This is being done to control immigration by tens of thousands.

At the same time, the Obama government in the United States is constantly striving for reforms of their visas and laws pertaining to immigration. This is being done despite being an opposition from the administration’s political opponents. Adding to this is the introduction of controversial laws regarding immigration in certain states which has led to further divisions.

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