Illegal Workers in the UK!

UK Border Agency has found a restaurant owner guilty of engaging illegal workers in to it, and now the owner may have to pay a fine up to £50,000. Reportedly, the restaurant has appointed 5 illegal workers. However, this is not the first time that UKBA has fined entities like eateries. There have been many times in the past, where owners were found guilty of similar offense.

The alleged illegal workers are all from China and the UKBA officials have arrested then at Richmond’s Miso Noodle Bar. However, each of them is alleged with a variety of immigration offenses. Two of them are failed asylum seekers, and two had overstayed their visas, the fifth one had entered the country unlawfully. They were being caught last week.

As of now, one of the offenders is in detention. Remaining four were freed on immigration bail. The UK Border Agency may consider sending all five workers back to their native country from the UK. Besides, the agency has warned the employer that he could face fine up to £50,000 for employing these men, if he would not be able to prove that he had carried out proper work checks.

In the meanwhile, 27 more people were found guilty of immigration offenses at a Lancaster farm. Reportedly, the large group constituted illegal workers from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal. These people were alleged with different offenses, like illegal entry, working in breach of their UK visas, as well as overstaying permission to be in the UK.

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