Amends in the Australian Migrant Visa Program!

The Australian government has announced amends in its Migrant Visa Program. The government has mentioned that the number of the temporary work visas that would be issued till 2012 would be reduced to half. This action has come about as an initiative to make the process easier and efficient at the same time. The Australian government also plans to halve the numbers for the subclass from the present 149 by 2015.

According to Chris Evans, the Immigration Minister for Australia, these cuts would make the procedure less confusing and more adept for the applicants as well as the prospective businesses. Evans also maintained that the government would also cater to stronger security measures at the border and also maintain the wholeness of the immigration system.

At the same time, the Liberal-National opposition is gearing up for taking immigration as the main issue for election. The main focus would be the re-evaluation of the Pacific Solution which is one of the controversial issues. This is the policy for control over the borders where in the refugees trying to enter Australia illegally would be sent off to the Pacific Island nations for further processing.

This policy led to a major outcry from the various international Human rights groups earlier when it was brought about during the reign of John Howard. The law was then scrapped when the centre-left Labor came into power in 2007.

With more pressure coming in from the local Australian people, the current government has been bringing constant amends making the immigration laws stricter than ever. This has led to Evans predicting that the rate of immigration would fall by almost 20 percent by the middle of the next year. The nation would only cater to 250,000 people on a yearly basis thanks to the immigration overhaul.

The review on the latest amends brought out by the government as well as the comments by the public would be catered to on 16th July. This review offers a chance to make the system more client-oriented, minimize costs for administrative purposes and other compliances fir business. Aldo, the efficiency of the immigration system would be improved.

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