Australia Sends Officers from Immigration and Citizenship to Nowra!

Officials from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) are confirmed to visit Nowra on June 8. It has been reported that Immigration would remain the top issue of discussion on the South Coast of NSW. Reports further say that the meetings at the Nowra Neighbourhood Centre would involve some meetings as well as public information sessions which would be decked with facets related with immigration and visa issues.

According to spokesperson from DIAC, these kinds of visits are a perfect way for general masses as well as the immigration authorities to deal with specific topics that they think lack the clearance on various issues. The talks allow them to hold a one on one conversation with each other and solve immigration related doubts.

The meetings of this kinds play a critical role in attracting a wide range of people, who want to apply for  business visa, student visa, to name a few and want to gather all sorts of information about them, confirmed the spokesperson.

It has been seen that prospective applicants face various doubts concerned with various countries as well as the types of visas linked with them. Hence, the meeting would be a perfect opportunity for all these doubtful people who want to make career in other countries.

Also, speaking to Immigration officials face to face has its own importance then clearing the doubts on telephone or emails.

For all those, who are intending to migrate to another country should take assistance from an ace Immigration expert to clear their doubts face to face.

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