Protests against Arizona Law All Over!

100 protesters showed up at Santa Ana, California to oppose against the immigration law, Costa Mesa resolution. The crowd was cuddled by a huge police force, who gathered up in front of Santa Ana’s processing centre for those masses, which were taken into custody recently.

Reports have confirmed that the protestors do not hold any connection with any official organization but were all opposing the recently implemented Arizona law which stated that police can check the documents of anyone whom they suspect illegal in the country or residing on an undocumented manner. The law has anyways drawn huge criticism from people all over the world opposing it in a major way. This is not the first time that rallies have turn out in huge numbers and have gone on to protest against the law.

The rally also opposed Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor’s push to have the police authorities enhance the immigration checks on people coming in from various countries as migrants. The group also called up to applaud Santa Ana to applaud itself a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

The Costa Mesa City Council applauded itself as “Rule of Law” city, and the same has aroused provoked behavior from the Latino community. The protest has till now witnessed arrests of 8 people on the venue. They were taken into custody on the grounds that they were refusing to cooperate with the police authorities.

Some of these protesters had piped themselves around a circle, making the protest loud in the ears of the police officials and further the Immigration authorities!

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