Expensive Education in Australia Forcing Students to look for Other Options!

With rising competition and high standards of lifestyle, every student demands nothing but the best education only. Australia is a hub for overseas education and ranks amongst the top priority of every student who wants to study abroad.

Due to the recent changes made by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), students have started facing lots of problems and their strength has dropped since the last few months. DIAC have made certain changes according to which they have cut down hundreds of low level positions from its Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Because of such changes, students who have worked so hard have to face a shortage of jobs.

Another sad part of the story is the rising fees of Australian education which is quite a surprise to the students. Unlike other countries, Australia has always provided low cost education which was one of the chief reasons that students used to opt for this nation.

Let’s see how much a student is required to pay on an average to pursue his studies.

  • The average cost of tuition for a beginner in an undergraduate course can be around US$10, 000-16,000 a year.
  • For vocational courses, it may cost around AUS$ 5000 to AUS$ 18,000 depending on the course. Although, these charges are lower in comparison to the charges required to pay in the US, but the difference in their pattern of study curriculum makes it more expensive.

For example, the timelines for a similar post graduate study program would be around 2 years in Australia where as in Britain; it would be about a year. But this is not the end of the struggles of overseas students.

New rules and regulations by the Immigration Department for foreign students have further imposed new restrictions on them. They have to deposit a larger amount of money in banks as a proof that they can finance their studies. This booming economy would simply mean higher currency value. Thus, those students coming from developing or underdeveloped nations would have to pay much more. So, the students (especially those who are already studying in Australia) are facing a form of “No Escape Situation” as they would have to pay more. As for those who are intending to study in Australia, it is advisable to seek out other options as well before deciding.

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