UK Hiring More Doctors of Indian Origin!

The United Kingdom is back on focus with immigration. As of now, it seems the nation is short of doctors. As per the sources, it is possible that around hundred doctors from India would be hired. As of now, the concerned officials have started the recruitment drive to cater to the shortage of medical professionals in the nation. The doctors at the junior level are the main target here.

This news has come about despite the recent cap on the work permits as announced by the British government. This was especially for those seeking working permits and belongs to nations other than the countries in the European Union. This news was to impact the most in India since majority of the immigrants came from India.

The BBC informed that the Health Officials from UK visited Kolkota last week to conduct interviews and recruit more doctors. Due to the constant amends being brought about in the immigration policies which have made it tougher than ever, this has forced many practicing doctors of foreign origin to leave the United Kingdom. As of now, thanks to the British Home Office, all the efforts taken by the Department of Health to bring about a balance has been wasted completely.

According to Dr. Firdaus Adenwalla who is attached with the recruitment of doctors found that there has been a constant decrease in the number of applications for immigration from 2006 when the immigration laws were made more stringent.

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