A Quick info on UK Points Based System!

UK Points Based System was introduced under Labour in an attempt to rigidify the immigration rules, and hence curb down the number of immigrants flowing inside the country.

But reports from first two years easily depict the fact that the quantity of overseas workers and their clan who were given the freedom to move to the UK hiked by a margin of 20 per cent and foreign students saw a hike of almost 30 percent. In a way, the Point Based System proved to be a boom for overseas immigrants to the UK as their number rose by a healthy margin.

In addition, the air is filled with reports that new amendments would being some control over the number of immigrations and would cut down the number by as long as 12 per cent.

Another research showed that the year 2007 saw 159,535 non-EU economic applicants allowed to enter the UK. But if we have a look at the stats from the year 2009, 190,640 foreign workers entered the country, hence challenging the Points Based System and the intentions to curb down the number of immigrants coming to the UK. In addition, this happened despite the fact that recession stuck the whole world and gave rise to the factor of unemployment.

As far as the overseas students are concerned, the year 2008 saw some 208,800 entering the country while the number rose to extra 273,445 foreign students in the year 2009.

The number is expected to hike this year too!

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