Australian Government intending to Get More Sites for Detainees!

The Australia federal government is planning to increase sites to keep more and more detainees and asylum seekers, keeping in the mind the extreme number of asylum seekers flocking in at the detention centre at the Christmas Island. In addition, the arrival of boat people has increased by a huge margin. Keeping all these facets in mind, increasing the sites to keep more and more asylum seekers has something which has become an aspect of utter priority for the federal government.

The government has confirmed the moving of first transfer of detainees that would happen some where in this week only. The transfer would happen to Leonora that is situated in Western Australia.

In addition, various report say that the newly designed sites meant for keeping the asylum seekers would accommodate the detainees along with their families are speculated to be commissioned to take the intake.

Chris Evans, the Australia Immigration minister has confirmed that in an attempt to increase the site options, his department has to take a look into various options like private properties overall the land of Kangaroos  in order to get perfect properties for accommodating the asylum seekers. According to Senator Evans, this is a short term accommodation and would a perfect option for the usage of motels and other service apartments.

He went on to say that his department has had talks with various stakeholders along with having talks with Western Australia Department of Premier and Cabinet at the same time.

Jeffery Carter, president of Leonara Shire Council has confirmed that there are chances of the transfer of more than 80 to 90 percent of the asylum seekers to the gold mining town.

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