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Appeals Court to Considering a Weakened Version of Arizona Law!

The controversial immigration law is yet to meet its fate. Whether or not to be completely implemented is being decided by an appeals court. Immediately before being implemented in the state, some of the key provisions in the law were blocked by a court. This involves the police being given the authority to check the status of immigrants who are being suspected of being undocumented.

The law was earlier sued by the Obama administration so as not to be implemented. As of now, the key provisions which were the most controversial have been stopped from being implemented. This has led to the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer appealing in the court for the ban to be lifted.

As of now, a panel consisting of three judges at the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals is deciding on the constitutionality of this law. According to the Obama government, the state is trying to arrogate the responsibility of the federal government. It also argues that the authorities of the state might not even be qualified to cater to the federal law enforcement.

As per the analysts, it is being suggested that the court is moving towards permitting the law in a more weakened version of its original format. If the reports are to be believed, there are fair chances that the outcome lead to the state authorities to execute the law. However, they would not be permitted to either arrest or even prosecute someone who is suspected to undocumented. In such a case, the law enforcement agencies have to pass the suspects to the federal authorities to be prosecuted.

According to the polls, the nation is divided when it comes to illegal migration. At the same time, major part of the population is in support of the immigration law in Arizona. As of now, it is being estimated that about 11 million illegal migrants are living in the United States.

Arizona Immigration Law Cited by U.N. Investigator!

According to an investigator from the United Nations, it is the immigrants who endure the blow of discrimination throughout the world. The investigator mentioned the immigration law in Arizona as being a policy which could simply lead to the abuse of human rights.

Keeping the above aside, it is very common to see immigrants facing treatment which is unjust and bear the brunt of xenophobic intolerance. It is the same for United States as well as for Europe and other parts of the world.

The controversial immigration law in Arizona, United States bestows the local police with the authority of checking the immigrant status of the suspects who are migrants. This law is undergoing a legal battle in a US court and has been criticized by many. More so, it had key provisions which could bring about racial profiling.

In times of today when illegal migration is one of the key issues along with crimes related to immigration on a rise, solution based approach is more important rather than controversial laws to be implemented. None of the nations in the world are barred from executing a law that is transparent, open and fair. A migration policy which caters to one and all has to be the key.

On the other hand, when it comes to the law in Arizona, it seems to be some kind of policing which has been implemented out of sheer anger and hatred. It cannot be forgotten that the growth of the US economy is partly due to immigration. So, such immigrants who have been residing legally in the state cannot be expected to carry their papers at all times.

More so, they cannot be expected to live in a state of fear especially when they have left their own native state to come and live in the United States. As of now, the legal battle continues.

128 Tamil Asylum Seekers Detained!

Thai authorities have confirmed that a total of 128 Tamil migrants are being held by Thailand for possible deportation despite the fact that a few of them have filed their registrations as asylum seekers with the United Nations.

Police took 155 people into custody. However, a few of them were soon released as they showed their valid legal travel related documents, confirmed one of the spokesperson from the Thai Immigration department. Some of the people from the remaining 128 people had papers showing their sanctioned status from the UN, while others had papers linked with their application of the status.

Mr. Amornwiwat, the spokesperson affirmed that these are the minors fleeing war and applying for asylum through the UN. But some of them overstayed their Tourist Visa even after the same was expired after coming to Thailand.

Reports say that the officials of Thai Immigration are in discussion with the Sri Lankan Embassy in order to discuss the consequences of people who go on to overstay their expired Tourist Visas or breach the Immigration rules.

Nothing has been officially announced or stated as yet. Certain activists in Canada believe that people who are arrested and are seeking asylum status from UN are in a desperate need of protection.

The group went on to say that the asylum seekers might come face to face with annoyance or punishment if they are deported back to their home nation. They said that the arrest is not valid as the people are genuine refugees.

Fraudster Caught at U.N. Headquarters!

A former volunteer for the United Nations has been caught in a scam where in he used to pose as a UN lawyers or an Immigration Service Staffer to churn out money from immigrants. He went to the extent of using the UN headquarters as his stage to con thousands of dollars. The fraudster named Marc Payen was making the innocent immigrants meet him at the public lobby of the headquarters. He used to tell them that his office is upstairs.

Payen is now being kept on bail of $75,000. He was previously on probation after he had accepted of being involved in Queens Immigration Scheme. He pleaded not guilty for charges including forgery, larceny and other matters.

In the current case, he was acting as a volunteer, who was adjudged with providing information regarding the housing to employees at the U.N. However, he was not catering to services which a lawyer or an immigration service provider offers.

With this fraudulent activities, Payen conned for more then $12,000 for services which he never offered. This was for six immigrants whom he had promised of helping them obtain a greed card or other legal documents.

The representatives from the U.N. have not yet responded in this matter. However, Payen has been banned for the headquarters. Payen was born in Haiti and was 28 years of age. He was also charged for accepting money for false promises to obtain green cards in Queens. He would be facing atleast 7 years of imprisonment if found guilty in the present case.

Kenney Angry over UN’s Report!

United Nations has recently criticized Canada’s treatment of minorities, which has further raised disputes from Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. He went on to say that instead of commenting on Canada’s treatment, UN should rather be concentrating on the facets that violate the rights of minorities all over the globe.

The report is crafted by UN’s expert Gay McDougall, who during his ten day visit to Canada came out with certain facets which he later included in his report. According to the document, Canada allows plenty of diversity, but at the same time, serves violation of rights for the minorities too. The report points out that the country celebrates disproportionate levels of poverty, racial assaults by police and inappropriate behaviour at work place.

Kenney opposed the report saying that that the country always provides ample opportunities for every class, be it minorities, new comers or people from their own community. He defended that the country may not be perfect but they are surely darn good!

He confirmed that every year, tens of thousands of refugees intend to come to the country, but Canada, in itself, is not decked with ample capacity to absorb such high percentage. Even people from minority communities want to immigrate to Canada as they look forward to Canada’s model as something which would protect their rights and conserve their identities.

Canada surely serves as one of the prospective countries to immigrate, be it for skilled workers, students, minorities, and so on.

New Plan Proposed For US Entrepreneur Visa!

In an effort to help foreign entrepreneurs to start up businesses more easily in the United States, Congressman Jared Polis has recently put forward a new visa plan. According to the congressman, the US economy is lagging behind, reason being overseas entrepreneurs cannot secure their visas to stay in the nation.

His proposed ‘start-up’ visa would attract more immigrants to the US under the EB-5 visa scheme, if implemented. Each year, America’s EB-5 visa category allows a total number of 10,000 foreign entrepreneurs to enter the nation. The applicants are required to invest a minimum amount of $1 million, as well their venture must create 10 full-time jobs.

The newly proposed visa plan by Polis could help many foreign entrepreneurs to enter the United Nations and set up their business. As per the plan, foreign entrepreneurs will be granted EB-5 visas, if they are able to attract $250,000 from a venture capital firm in the US or $100,000 from an angel investor. However, an entrepreneur should be determined and must show that his/her business would generate $1 million in revenue, as well as create about 5 to 10 employment opportunities.

The start-up visa is proposed in an attempt to streamline the prevailing EB-5 visa system. The visa scheme was introduced in the year 1990 in order to attract foreign capital to the United States. Once the proposed plan for the EB-5 Visa scheme is implemented, America is sure to attract one of the best overseas entrepreneur flocks each year!

Let’s hope for the best and keep yourself updated with the latest immigration amendments in the US with an Immigration and Visa Consultant!