1.41 Million Nationals of Australia are on small Companies’ Payrolls

As per a report that shows how the migrants have been playing a very important role in the growth and expansion of the Australian economy, and bringing down the rates of unemployment in the country, it has been learnt that 1.41 million Australians are presently working for the different immigrant small organizations/firms in the country.

The report is, allegedly, an eye-opener involving the seldom underlined stories of the immigrants in the Kangaroo Land and their positive influence on the small business segment.

Australian immigration visa

The report adds that the immigrants own and run an enormous 33% or 1/3rd of the entire small companies in Australia even as it indicates that the figures of the immigrant-owned firms/enterprises are more than 660K. And if one talks about the labor market, it, allegedly, suggests that 1.41 million nationals and their families make both ends meet from the money that they get from the immigrant small firms/ventures.

As per the Ombudsman for Family Enterprise and Small Business in Australia, these immigrant small firms/enterprises are really not small with the reason being the 2.1 million supposed small businesses are behind an amazing 97% of the entire firms/enterprises in the country.

The large majority of the firms/enterprises in Down Under that is more than 90% of the total are small firms/enterprises. These are responsible for one-third or 33% of the nation’s GDP and engage more than 40% of the manpower in the country. Reportedly, close-to 12% of the amount of the total tax proceeds by firms is accounted by them.

Irrespective of the BIG contribution made to the economy by them, these small firms/companies are often ignored by the Australian administration even as the large companies also, allegedly, overawe them.

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