Canada Parent Sponsorship Programme under Fire

The popular but somewhat challenging Parent Grandparent Sponsorship Programme (PGP) of Canada has lately invited widespread criticisms and disapprovals, for the amendments that have been made to what allegedly is already a difficult and challenging programme.

It’s not the first time that the programme has attracted such criticisms and disapprovals. The scheme that enables individuals to reunite with their grandparents and parents, who have been living abroad, via sponsoring their permanent residency application, has continuously been under nonstop restructurings. However, instead of assisting, it is claimed that the system has continued to be plagued with the problems which have constantly created problems for the aspirants.

Canada Immigration
Canada Immigration

PGP–History of Changes

Animated debates and discussions involving the proposed changes to the programme have taken place for many years even as the key issues that reportedly required instant solutions were:

The figure of petitions that were still stuck in the buildup pile was very high. Attention was drawn towards over 160000 candidates still wedged in the pending line.

Thanks to the higher logjam, the processing time for the sponsorship petitions was exceedingly high and this allegedly made the application procedure both dreary and fatiguing.

Such problems were in existence for close-to 20 years and any major amendments proposed to the programme were seen in the year 2011. Then, a two-phased system was offered to clear the logjam and limit petitions. And during the year gone by, the system was changed to a lottery scheme, allegedly, to make it just for those residing far away.

Continuing Difficulties–Offering Sponsorship to Parents

Significantly, despite the issues continuing to pose problems, some experts on the issue still claim that the changes introduced to the Lottery system, which though faulty, would eventually solve the issues.

The system though requires restricting ineligible aspirants from applying so that the deserving individuals receive their due. It constantly happens that unentitled aspirants fill the online forms and get picked-up only to realize afterwards that they do not have the eligibility for the scheme.

The latest amendments made to the form have proposed asking for income particulars. However, no evidence is needed and hence it may happen repeatedly. To assist you fathom this, approximately 3000 applications were still available post the unqualified candidates were sorted out post the initial round.

There is disagreement on how members would be picked-up for the PGP even as to develop flawless system one allegedly requires raising his voice and share apprehensions.

While arguments have been made about the different manners, via which unqualified petitions can be limited, some individuals have advocated concentrating on the fact that aspirants can demonstrate they fulfill the income threshold. It is claimed that it could be a limiting feature and will guarantee that only the qualified candidates get picked-up through the lottery scheme.

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