DHA Australia Divulges Added Information on TSS Visa

As per a new report, the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has disclosed additional particulars on the new Subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa.

For those not tuned in the, TSS visa is basically a temporary visa, and it enables the holder to stay in the country, while doing a full time job for the sponsoring recruiter/firm, in the nominated line-of-work. The candidates for the TSS Visas have the option of including the dependent members of their family in their petition.

The DHA has, reportedly, elucidated that the petitions submitted prior to the date for the execution of the typical business sponsorships will be duly processed according to present laws. These comprise the 457 Visas, besides the 457 Nomination Visa.Australia Immigration 457 Visa

As per the update available, the nomination petitions for the 457 Visas that have been submitted, minus the right visa application being submitted, will be revoked even as the nominee charges will be duly refunded.

The sponsorship renewal will have 5 years auto-approval, and it is post successfully completing a digital restructured renewal form. The same excludes cases wherein the sponsor proclaims that the eligibility conditions are not any more fulfilled by them and reliability matters.

The TSS Visa petitions for Australia necessitate the candidate to have not less than two years of employment experience in the nominated profession, out of the previous five years.

While the recruiter/firm will have to clearly specify the period of work while completing the nomination form, the choices are 1, 2, 3 or 4 years, on the basis of the job qualifying for short or long-term class. Presently, the 457 Visas have a validity period of 4 years.

Every TSS Visa petition will compulsorily have an evaluation for the LMT. The same will not consist of the cases wherein the overseas trade requirements are applicable. It is required that not less than two announcements are given in English, for a period of not less than three weeks. It is also required that the same is not done more than 180 days before the submission of the visa petition.

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