$1.5 Million as Donation to Protect Arizona Immigration Law!

The Immigration Bill which has been implemented in Arizona has been constantly under debate. More so, this led to many controversies coming to core. The recent has been someone donating to defend the law. Timothy Mellon from Wyoming has donated about $1.5 million.

According to the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer, this donation has been the largest such donation made when it came to defending the law. About 41,000 people have come out as donors from across the world to contribute which led to a total of $3.6 million. In the initial two months when the law was being introduced, the Governor’s office had ended up spending over $440,000 in order to guard the law.

The above money was spent on the work which was done by a Phoenix-based law firm known as Snell & Wilmer. This firm is catering on part of the Governor’s office. As of now, there are about seven lawsuits against this legislation. This law gives the right to the authorities from the law enforcement who are operating in the state to investigate those seeming to suspicious of residing illegally.

As per the critics, this law could bring about racial sentiments since people could be simply arrested based on their appearance. This is because Arizona is home to a huge population of Hispanics. These Hispanics feel that they could be an easy target for the police despite having the right visas and residing legally in the state.

According to a spokesman, the Governor’s office would continue to defend the law with so many resources already being put and with more to be invested.

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