Medical Exam Requirement for Travelers!

According to an announcement made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), visitors to Canada would not be required to fulfill the medical requirements before entering the country.

The rule is not applicable for applicants who have gained permanent residency or are refugees as they will continue to go through these mandates.

The requirement holds true for temporary residents who are employed in fields which deal with the protection of public health. Children’s care is one such example for the same profession.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the recent amendments made will enhance the free movement of applicants who want to come to the country. In addition to that, the fairness of the Canadian Immigration system would be maintained side by side.

Mexicans who are intending to opt for temporary residency in Canada will have 40 percent who will straightaway befit from this announcement as it has been seen that the processing time of medical examination may take more than two months in Mexico. Adding to it, the cost may go till $200.

The rule is applicable for 45 countries, the list for which can be seen here:

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