15 Protesters Arrested!

Chicago – Fifteen natives were taken into custody for showing their protests in front of the Chicago Immigration Office. Reports say that the crowd consists of a protester sitting on a wheelchair and a pregnant lady.

The protests happened for a good half an hour after which the strikers were taken into custody by the Federal agents. Amongst the protesters were activists from various groups who plugged the main gate of the Immigration offices.

Their demand was to celebrate their holidays like Christmas without the any fright of armed men barging into their clan and kin. They want to have a finish to the exile of undocumented natives. Their arrests followed their unending cries and shouts, after which they were taken inside the premises. They were later un-tied from the custody after paying $175 in the form of fine per person. In addition, they have to go through a hearing in court earlier next year.

According to Chicago’s Centro Sin Fronteras, who is the director of Chicago’s Centro Sin Fronteras, the President can maintain his vows and announce a halt on these expatriations with the knock of a pen.

It has been noticed that in a majority of cases, even after having the right documentation, the undocumented aliens are barred from coming to the countries where their loved ones reside. This way both the families residing on each side of the border suffer in a major way.

Blaming the administration, the group said that they are proud of deporting people, with a higher quantity of people ever barred from the nation, knowing the fact that not all come in the category of criminals.

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