Another Death in Australian Immigration Centre!

SYDNEY: A Briton aged 24 saw the face of death in an immigration centre (western Sydney Villawood centre) located in Australia, with the officers at the centre believing it to be a suicidal case.

The officials from the Immigration department stated that the man in concern faced detention for breaching visa regulations. He was found lying in his accommodation slab, decked with high amount of security in an unhealthy condition, failing to breathe in. Additionally, all the efforts to save him failed too.

An immigration official has confirmed that investigations are going on further to find out the root cause behind the incident.

Refugee activists have stated that the fellow inmates have informed them that the man in concern took his own life.

According to Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition, an incident like this is the third of its kind happening in the last three months at the immigration centre of Villawood. He went on to say that something is required to be done from the Immigration department in order to come out of this downward spiral.

The officials are till now refusing to speculate whether it has been a suicide attempt or anything else, till the time the investigation is not commenced. They said that it would NOT be right to discuss the matter further till any official statement is not out from the investigation department.

Reports say that two other men in Villawood died in the immigration department since the month of September. One jumped from the roof and another hanged himself in the washroom.

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