Jason Kenney Criticizes Bishops’ Disapproval!

OTTAWA, Ontario: Canadian Immigration minister Jason Kenney has bashed back at the bishops and other critics who were strongly against the anti-human smuggling bill.

Bishops have this believe that the bill targets genuine refugees living in the country more than targeting the human smugglers. They reminded the minister that human dignity should not be trumped by the interests of the nation.

Kenney went on to elaborate that human dignity is undermined by the aspect of human smuggling. This is an industry which is decked with those who vend people an illegal service, hence smuggling them in the most illegal manner to diverse nations with hazardous ways possible.

The biggest apprehension is that people may see the face of death while adopting dangerous ways to come to Canada. The duty of the country is to do everything to avert boat people who come in thousands via sea route, the minister added.

His other statements read that the bishops were unsuccessful in addressing the fair responsibilities to bar smuggling, saying that the letter wrongly advises that the bill seeks to reprimand refugees.

This is ridiculous in accordance with the claims of the letters. The country would never deport a genuine refugee; he went on to say further.

According to bishops, refugees were at the end of target rather than the smugglers. Every statement in the letter has been answered by Kenney in his latest statements.

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