17 Year Old Battle for US Visa!

The story begins like this: The man is 45 years of age, and has an American spouse. But the story takes a turn when it took him a long span of as long as 17 years to convince the officials of Federal Immigration that his marriage to the American is genuine and not for the purpose of getting a green card. In short, the seventeen years old battle ran just for the sake of convincing the immigration people that the marriage is authentic!

Inderjit Singh, the concerned man is a cabbie. He entered the country in the year 1992, but was barred from getting a spousal green card under stringent marriage visa laws prevailing at that time.

The irony is that the couple was subjected to five interviews from the immigration officials, in addition to filing three additional petitions, but ended up getting failed every single time. Not to forget the time and money spent in this tedious process which has taken 17 years, but still have not reached its meeting end. The journey is till unfinished for them. The couple had to take loans and have almost spent 20,000 dollars on the whole cost spent on this immigration case.

The case states that the man didn’t even go to attend the funeral of his father in India, knowing to the fact that he would not be granted entry in the US premises again.

Reports say that this is not an exception as many cases have been reported which have caused couples to lie in a state of limbo.

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