New Zealand Relaxing Immigration Policies for Religious Workers!

Today the world is moving towards spirituality and every country knows the importance of religious preachers as they help to maintain peace in the lives of people in country. In an age of violence, everyone is trying to maintain peace and harmony through religion, spirituality and dialogue. Everyone is trying to avoid third world war as another war means causing destruction to the entire world. So, the need of religious workers has grown considerably since last few years.

There is some good news for religious educators who are planning to settle in New Zealand. The government of New Zealand is on its way to review some laws of immigration in favor of people who are working in the field of religion and spirituality. The new policies are taken especially for those who are willing to stay longer and get  settled there . With growing cultural and religious diversity in New Zealand, the need of people working for religion and spirituality has truly arisen. The decision to modify the immigration policies for preachers and religious educators has been taken to meet the growing demands of them.

Jonathan Coleman, the New Zealand’s immigration Minister has been receiving many requests from local religious groups and communities to allow their religious leader to stay long or provide them with permanent residency status. He feels that with time New Zealand is growing in religion, so the constant availability of these preacher and church clerks are very important. The immigration of these workers in New Zealand is quite less in number and around ten people are given the permanent residency status every year. Only few religious leaders are granted permanent residency, otherwise the rest are living on temporary visa only. But now they are trying to change the situation by incorporating new laws and relaxations in the visa process for them.

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