17,880 Immigrated to Israel Their Home in 5770!

As far as the records from Jewish Agency are concerned, the figures who immigrated to Israel have increased by a huge margin as compared to the previous year. The Jewish year 5770 witnessed the intake of 17,880 people in Israel. The figure saw a huge increase from the last year comparison when 15,180 people choose to come to the country.

As far as the new arrivals are concerned, 7,340 came from former Soviet Union states. In addition to that, one thousand, three hundred and twenty people came from Ethiopia, the figure was determined by the government of the country.

People from other countries landed from Israel too. 5,130 belonged to English-speaking nations, while three thousand three hundred and fifty came from USA. Canadian people were 380 in number, while 740came from the UK. Australians were 220 in number while 260 South Africans ended up immigrating to Israel.

Immigration was seen in hike in Western Europe as well. As far as the countries from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy are concerned, 2,420 people immigrated from these nations. The biggest immigration was seen from France, from where 2,020 people moved to Israel.

Few people came from Central and South America. In totality, there were 1,360 people from this region. If fragments are done, Argentina citizens who moved to Israel were 330 in number, while 240 came from Brazil.

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